Tri - color rough  13"
Foxhall Skipper X Brandywine Roulette

Mick is now standing at stud to approved Bitches.
He has certainly got cute down pat!
Oak Run
King's Ransom
"Ransom" on his Throne
Ransom is Co-owned with my friend, Karen Dunn.To view more of Ransom and his farm buddies .....Click on
We have high hopes for Ransom.  He comes from some of the finest breeding in the US and Britian. His grandfather Garon Sailor was British National Champion.  His dam's father Fox Run Rivet has won many working championships and best family at the National.
Garon Sailor x The Hollow  Tesoro  X  Fox Run Rivet x  Conquest Ruthless
          Ransom was P.H.S.T.A
Reserve Champion 6-12 month puppy!
Mick at a photo shoot "Underdog"

Winner of his conformation class at                 National's 2004
Mousemoor "Mick"
Shown here at 3 year -  he stands just around 12 1/4 "
Lightly broken  with good bone and the best disposition. 

Mousemoor Maggie x Cederdale Mr. Dillon 
   Cerf Clean in Jan 2010 at 9 years 

I am so proud of this boy!.  I have 3 generations behind him that are still competing.  He comes from an all around family background. They compete in agility, racing, GTG and conformation. His grandmother and great grandmother hold Therapy certifcates.
  He shows great promise in the field, already entering the earth.
Baer & Cerf tested
Mother, grandmother, great grandmother all cerf clean in 2010
More pictures of Mick from National's
PLL DNA Normal
Click the rat for pictures of Mick in the field!
Mick also knows how to have fun!
Cerf Clean
Jan. 2011 at  7+ years old
Mick at 8yrs. winning his Rally ARCHX title
In Obedience - Waiting for a command!